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Here at DesignBoo, we focus on creating digital experiences that connect brands with culture to inspire, entertain, and produce results.

Native App Design &

Are you ready to become the next App Store hit with thousands of downloads per day? We build killer iOS and Android apps that are intuitive and fun to use.

Web Based App Design &

If you're looking to build a product that is available to users accross all platforms and devices, a web app is the answer. We create custom solutions to offer content and features that you see fit.

Naming, Branding &

Creating an app is only half the battle. You need a catchy name and bold brand to cut through the sea of competition and establish yourself in the market.

App Lab

App Lab is our after-hours creative space where designers and coders put their heads together to experiment and work on our own products.

  • DesignBoo did a great job of listening to our needs, coming up with innovative designs, and understanding the consumer experience. They come with our highest recommendation.

    Elmo Francis - Senior Manager at Nations Trust Bank

  • Amazing team and super talented! From the first moment it felt they are truly committed to our success.

    Darshan Cooray - Happy Customer

  • The new UI looks fantastic. DesignBoo is responsive, easy to work with and delivered everything on time. It was a pleasure working with them.

    Dulanka Weraduwage - CEO at RecruitX (ReX: Seek) App

Where to start when creating an app?

The yeast to the bread, the sail to the boat, the John to The Beatles: The Idea. You should have a good grasp of what the app will do and the goals that will be accomplished. Nothing will give you more headaches, unnecessary invoices and wasted time than shifting the idea in the middle of the project.

Here are a couple basic questions that will help you make sure that you know your product and where you want to go with it.

  • What's the main purpose of the app?
  • Who's the main target?
  • Who's your main competition?
  • What's the main feature?

There will be a lot of other choices to be made, but don't worry if you don't know all the details yet. We can consult you on the best course of action to things like: what platform to release on (Android, iOS, web-based), naming of the app, etc.

What's the process?

First we start with wireframing. We ask our User Experience geeks to put their heads together to create the most intuitive and logical blueprint for the app. Wireframing is so crucial to the success of the app because it allows for mapping out the flow and fixing potential issues. We put extra time to make sure that the wireframe is solid to avoid flow changes in the coding stage.

Based on the wireframe, our designers and coders are doing their magic to create a beautiful and efficient MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The goal here is to focus on the basic features to release the app as soon as possible. This allows you to start gaining user and internal feedback.

Let it grow and make it rain! Release updates with new features, while staying flexible and responsive to your users. In the end, they will shape the app and will show you which direction to go. Remember to keep your favorite team close to help you along the way.

Time & Money

The timeline is relative to the scope of the project, but we aim to release MVPs within 3 months. You should also give yourself 3 additional months to test the MVP, prepare marketing materials, and release v.1.0 to the public.

Design and development of a compact MVP – one platform, standard features, 3 month timeline. Budgets will be based on required parameters such as platform(s), size, features, and capabilities.

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